Côté vendanges

We apply the same vision in cellar work as we do in vine cultivation, from wine making to bottling, as well as when preparing our wines for shipping and selling.
It is about giving the greatest care to our wines, all the while keeping intervention to a minimum in order to provide the vitality necessary for our terroirs to express their strength.
This vision is perfectly summarized in the methods of organic farming, which are most in tune with life. This does not mean, however, that one is lenient or content with accepting things as they happen as dictates. In fact, one must be extremely vigilant at all times. The aim is to find the best balance at every single step of the process, providing all the conditions for the potential of every new cuvée to be fully expressed.

Grapes are exclusively picked by hand, put in boxes to avoid compaction or crushing, and quickly transported to the winery.
Once they arrive at the winery, they are carefully sorted on a sorting table, de-stemmed, and transferred into the vats by gravity.

Wine is made according to traditional Burgundy principles, in open cement or wood vats.
There are 3 steps:
- Cold, pre-fermentation maceration: vat temperature is maintained at 10 to 15°C for 4 to 5 days;
- Alcoholic fermentation;
- Warm, post-fermentation maceration: vat temperature is raised and maintained at 28 to 30°C.
Daily punching of the cap is performed to enhance extraction of the compounds.