Our approach to wine-making

Weather is a determining factor in the cellar as well:
Wine is sensitive to changes in weather conditions, so we monitor those with utmost care to determine which actions to take, such as racking when air pressure is low to allow optimal separation of lees.
Working in harmony with nature is thus the basic element of our philosophy.

It is about working according to the seasons.

In cold winter months, we work on fining and stabilizing our white wines to inhibit tartaric precipitations. Tartaric acid is naturally present in grapes and ends up in wine, where it is likely to precipitate and form crystals at the bottom of the bottle when stored at a cool temperature... Although entirely natural, this process may affect the merchantability of the wine concerned, so we store our white wines at winter temperatures, allowing tartaric acid to precipitate, then we remove it by filtration. The issue is solved in an easy and optimal way.
Time is also important in terms of aging. Making and aging Burgundy wine is all about time!
Once the fermentation phases are complete, the process continues with aging, during which the wine becomes structured, gains a solid balance and acquires the capacity to further develop over time.
Alchemy occurs slowly as different gases come into play inside the oak barrels. It is only at the end of one year for the whites and approxi- mately one and a half years for the reds, after racking and filtration, if required, that the wines are ready for bottling.
Bottling is performed using gravity after the cuvée is assembled from the different barrels and when air pressure is high, to enable fining and stabilization.
Once bottled, the wine can be allowed to age calmly until it is ready for consumption.
Each day and each vintage is full of surprises, leading us to constantly hone our adaptation abilities. Only by mastering this art can we produce good quality grapes and consequently offer wines that express the individual terroirs from which they are derived.

This one achievement explains all our efforts and the great pride we take in our work.