Vintage 2015

From the beginning of the season, the harvest promised to be early, the vines having flowered early June. The exceptional sunshine of June and July, with heatwave temperatures, caused us to worry that the vegetative growth would stagnate and that the fruit would cease to mature.

Happily, Mother Nature, has been kind once again. The sparse rains of August were beneficial to the vines and to the grapes. The heat that returned at the end of August accelerated the maturation process and we began picking on the 1st September.

All of our parcels were perfectly ripe almost at the same time, and we had to pick very quickly. We finished the harvest on the 7th September.

The grapes were perfectly healthy with excellent aromatic expression and a balance of sugar/acidity that we would like to see every vintage. Certain people are already comparing this vintage to 2005. It is still too early for confirmation, but the first tastings after the alcoholic fermentation are very promising. We will refine our judgment in a few months after the malo-lactic fermentation.

The only negative note is regarding quantity, once more slightly below average, especially in the Côte de Nuits. But we shouldn't be too difficult, vintages such as this one are rare, and we must recognise how to savour pleasure and appreciate the rewards of year long efforts.

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