Grand première: since the 2008 vintage, the Domaine Jean Féry et Fils offers a Corton Grand Cru red: it’s the very first time that the domain possesses vines classed in Grand Cru appellation!   Even if the parcel only measures 0.1765 hectares (very exactly...), the joy of having henceforward the pleasure of looking after this exceptional terroir is sizeable!

This Corton is found in the commune of Aloxe-Corton, at the lieu-dit “Les Chaumes” which gets its name from its poor, dry soil particularly favourable for vines. Situated at 250 m elevation, the parcel faces south and has very stony, red-brown soil. “Les Chaumes” were already distinguished among the “matchless” climats of Corton in 1855 by Docteur Lavalle in his work of reference: Histoire et statistique de la vigne et des grands vins de la Côte d'Or; Cortons that he qualified as “perfect wines, worthy of being offered to the finest, most delicate of gourmets and of being served on the most solemn of occasions”.

2008, a miraculous vintage !

Year 2008, with particularly unstable weather, dangerously suitable for vine diseases and a dull, damp summer, looked like it would be difficult. However, very great vigilance in supervising each of our parcels and good management of our natural spray treatments linked to the venerable age of our vines – which makes them very resistant – showed their efficiency once again. There remained the problem of slow ripening. Then the weather changed miraculously, bringing ideal conditions; from 14th September, the sun and the north wind dried and ripened the grapes and harvest, begun on 28th September, took place in the same lovely weather. To the delight of the joyful troupe of harvesters but especially the vineyard manager, Pascal Marchand, who was therefore able to bring in grapes of very high quality.

In quantity, 2008 proved to be the smallest crop we had known for 10 years; the result of the work done in the vines and of sorting at harvest that had to be particularly severe that year. But vigilance and rigour bore fruit and offer us today a sumptuous vintage: the wines are distinguished by great aromatic richness and magnificent balance, leaving them already very pleasant to taste.

Vintage 2008 as related by Pascal Marchand, Domain manager

The red wines finished their malo-lactic fermentation exceptionally late, in September 2009: it’s the sign of good stability. They will have good keeping potential. They were only racked in December: until then they had stayed in their original barrels so they could feed on their lees. The red wines are concentrated, very straight-line, very elegant. They have a lot of body, I would even say a lot of heart. Their tannins are supple and their aromatic complexity extensive, with beautiful expression of red fruits. I find them typically Burgundian! The “newcomer”, our Corton, really surprised and impressed me as it is so fine and delicate. Its noble origins can be felt.

The white wines, having spent almost 11 months in oak barrel, were put in stainless tanks so as to keep all their freshness. They show a lovely combination of acidity and maturity, of freshness and weight. These 2008 whites are magnificent, following on from the 2007s, but in a different style. The 2007s are very linear, very lovely; the 2008s are more enveloping with a lovely “backbone”. They are very generous, approachable very quickly after bottling. They have exceptional aromatic richness. These wines are truly magnificent !

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